Some assignments have you crawling on the ground while others have you soaring high above it.

I've been high up on a crane to get overhead shots, and when that's not high enough, i'll charter a plane or helicpoter to get the vantage point I need. I've had helicopter pilots remove the door and strap me into a harness so I could hang out over the skids and get into position to capture aerials as we pass overhead.

Food and beverage shoots are the extreme opposite. With my feet (usually) on the ground, it becomes an exacting micro world where every little detail is a consideration.

While working on portraits, my main concern beyond the technical, is to make the client feel as comfortable in front of the camera as possible so that we can attain the very best images.

Each project is different and requires a degree of problem solving to reach your creative vision. That makes each and every day in the field unique and interesting.